Description of some of our sausages!

Traditional Pork - a delicious traditional pork shoulder sausage seasoned with our own exclusive blend of herbs and spices based on a recipe used in the shop for over 40 years - the oldest but without doubt the best


Geordie Cumberland - A hint of sage and a little kick of cracked black pepper


Northumberland - the Cumberland for the brave! A Northern kick ass blend of sage and cracked black pepper - Northumberland at its finest!


pork & leek - Our traditional recipe mixed with little flakes of green leek - a classic for any occasion


Tarset Valley marmalade & Onion - This award winning beauty has locally made orange marmalade combined with delicious onions to give it a truly distinctive and delicious taste


Pork & Mango Chutney - a sweet kick with a mild spice aftertaste


Pork & Honey - Made with local honey when possible


Pork & Minted Mushy Pea - One of our quirkier recipes this combines delicious minty goodness with mushy peas and pork - its like a meal in a sausage!


Chilli Sizzler - A Pork sausage seasoned with chilli flakes, chilli powder, paprika and cayenne pepper - a good kick


Firecracker - The same chilli kick as the sizzler but with an added curry twist


Pork & Apple - A timeless Classic


Garlic & Rosemary - A bold garlic flavour with fragrant rosemary


Sweet chilli - Our milder flavoured pork sausage with a sweet and gentle heat


Pork & Black Pudding - Bold, rich and delicious this flavour is a must for any casserole


Pork & Haggis - A seasonal classic, haggis adds a comforting gentle spice and texture to the sausage


Tomato Basil - An Italian dream, fresh, fragrant and tangy


Chocolate Fennel - Dark choc chip peices to add richness to the meat combined with the aniseed taste of fennel seeds - sounds odd, tastes great!


Marmite & Cheddar - Love it or hate it!


Raging Norris - Designed by the Brandling Villa Gosforth, this sausage will literally remove your tastebuds.... grown men have cried with the introduction of less than an inch.... those who dare only!





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